Can automated assessments support OMR evaluations?

At the end of the blog I wrote about OMR competitions a couple of months ago, I mentioned that a prerequisite is automated evaluations. Last two months I familiarized myself with the topic using the excellent paper ‘Towards a Standard Testbed for Optical Music Recognition’ by Donald Byrd and Jakob Grue Simonsen, and the OMRTestSuite…

Active Researchers

To the best of our knowledge, the following people are actively researching and working on OMR (in alphabetical order): Please contact us if the list needs to be updated.

Can competitions be helpful for OMR Research?

No question: competitions are popular, especially in the data science and machine learning space. The advantages are clear: someone entering the domain can get feedback almost instantly, prices have yielded a high-multiple investment by participants, and new ideas and insights have been gained. A closer look shows different types of competitions: Branded competitions: some of…


This post contains a link to upcoming and past events that featured OMR research (back until 2017).

Getting started with OMR

During ISMIR 2018, Ichiro Fujinaga, Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, Jan Hajič jr., and Alexander Pacha gave a tutorial that was recorded and is available on our YouTube Channel. Icons on this website made by Freepik from are licensed by CC 3.0 BY.