Dissertation “Self-Learning OMR”

Alexander Pacha successfully completed his doctoral studies in July 2019 with his dissertation Self-Learning Optical Music Recognition. To allow everyone who could not attend the defense, to also listen to the presentation, it was re-recorded and published on YouTube. Enjoy watching this 50-minute walkthrough through the research Alexander has conducted over the last two years.

The icon used as featured image was made by Icon Pond from www.flaticon.com and is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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  1. Anthony Wilkes says:

    Pretty good OMR already exists. Try PlayScore 2, free to download on the App Store.


    1. apacha says:

      I agree, PlayScore 2 is doing a good job already. For playback, it reconstructs most of the relevant information and can handle even some complex cases, which is impressive. I’m looking forward to future versions that are able to handle even more situations and are able to recover the complete structural encoding.


  2. heinzr says:

    I recommend the paid version of PlayScore: it is quite good (I think the best OMR currently available), you get access to MusicXML and it is very affordable.


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